Seat Consulting is a Technology Consulting Organization. We specialize in delivering leadership and understanding, helping our clients to manage complex Technology projects in a holistic, pragmatic and practical way.

At Seat Consulting, we believe that effective Technology Strategies and techniques are valid across industry and geographic divides. We are dedicated to providing our clients with detailed, objective information, based on industry best practices, common patterns, sound academic research and technology-based analysis.

Seat Consulting was founded in 2012 by partners from the Successful WKM Consulting Group , as a result our goal is to draw upon our extensive commercial experience of IT design and implementations, in a wide variety of different business sectors, to provide our clients with the skills, insight and information to make a quantifiable impact on their organization.


Our Clients have found our flexible consultancy service, bespoke in nature, to constantly add value to meet their needs.

 Our wide ranging experience, coupled with our repository of talented resources enable us to structure and deploy teams to analyze and address the unique requirements of each client, often providing them with a cost-effective alternative to an in-house development / architecture group.

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